Monday, April 14, 2014

Meet the Sisters

We are 4 sisters who love crocheting and making crafts. We each have our own unique styles that when they are all together creates a fun variety.

Wendy is the mother to two young boys. Her oldest son is 6 and likes to come up with new ideas for mom to make for him all the time. She loves the challenge of a new project.

Becky has three little girls and enjoys making fun seasonal hats and accessories for babies and toddlers.  She loves to learn new crochet techniques, and create new items.

Brenda is married with one fur baby, no human babies yet. She loves making crocheted dresses and jackets.

Marla is our single sister who is the best aunt to her nieces and nephews. She enjoys making all sorts of crochet items as well as duct tape products (wallets, cases, purses, etc.)

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